Working Papers

Trade Secrecy and Innovation: Evidence from the Inevitable Disclosure Doctrine (with Iwan Barankay and David Hsu) [3rd Revise & Resubmit]

Situating the Construct of Lean Startup: Adjacent Conversations and Possible Future Directions (with Dan Levinthal) [Under 2nd Review]

Evaluation of Early-Stage Ventures: Combinations of Experimentation, Planning, and Structure (with Trevor Young-Hyman)


Work In Progress

Commercializing Science: Evidence from Simultaneous Discoveries (with David Hsu and Matt Marx)

Migration and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from a RCT (with Fabrizio Dell’Acqua)

Motivation and Entrepreneurship (with Nikolai Roussanov)

Experimentation in Early-Stage Ventures: Evidence from the Software Industry

Experimentation in Early-Stage Ventures: A Stylized Model

Experimentation in Early-Stage Ventures: Definition, General Framework, and Testable Implications

Experimentation in Early-Stage Ventures: Evidence from a RCT

Technological Trajectory, Corporate Strategy, and Innovation


Previous Research Experience

Corporate Divestitures and Family Control Paper

Employee Mobility in the Asset Management Industry Paper

R&D Production Team Composition and Firm-Level Innovation Paper

Corporate Governance of the Family Enterprise Paper